Yamasa Education Center for Children.

The catalytic teaching of maestro José Gausachs, who like no other painter exerts the most profound influence on Dominican artists, including the formidable artist Clara Ledesma, will continue to leave his mark through the Gausachs Foundation, which has undertaken the construction of an educational center for children in Yamasá with the noble purpose of bringing education and fostering creativity to those who live in remote areas.

We are creating a magical garden by the river,

with a beautiful & creative tree-house village.

This center will be a magical and enchanting space, with around 20 cabins and gardens adorned with sculptures inspired by the artistic legacy of José Gausachs and in homage to the empowered woman Mama Tingo, who firmly defended her agricultural community. This project has been designed to be self-sustaining and embellished to captivate and inspire the hearts of volunteer tourists, who will generously share their time and knowledge to help children thrive.

Construction initiated in October 2022

The Gausachs Foundation hopes that this project will energize this pictorial Yamasá community, preserving its cultural legacy, and that its effect will ripple into the future, inspiring generations to come in perpetuity.

The center will provide a place where you can visit, teach and impact the community, in a healthy environment for children to explore and expand their minds.

We invite the entire Dominican society to participate in any capacity in this initiative, setting a great example of how art and education can transform lives and entire communities. We also invite you to attend the exhibition “CONNECTION G”: Clara and Gausachs at the Museum of Modern Art, a unique exhibition of works by Clara Ledesma and Josep Gausachs, artists who marked an entire era in Dominican art with their work. The event will take place at the Museum of Modern Art on Wednesday, March 8, 2023 at 7:00 pm and is sponsored by the General Directorate of Museums.

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